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  • Gilad Almosnino

Why you should start designing for multilingual users more inclusively

Designing software that is more inclusive to multilingual users has many benefits to the success of a product release:

  • It Increases access to global markets where the majority of users are multilingual.

  • It can reduce user interaction friction and design bottlenecks associated with multiple languages.

  • It will generate a deeper emotional connection by providing a user experience that is more accommodating and locally relevant.

How designers can participate:

Designers hold a key role in creating more inclusive UX for multilingual users. Being intentional and inclusive about multilingual support can help eliminate substantial adjustments and retrofitting across the development cycle. This also yields a fully streamlined multilingual user experience that flows more naturally and isn't riddled with platform limitations.

Multilingual users expect the full extent of interaction design regardless of language settings, your design should be robust enough to retain its intended interaction path while handling multiple languages before the UI has been translated into another language.

  • Start by becoming intentional about integrating multilingual scenarios into your design and avoid retrofitting language support or categorizing users who interact in multiple languages as less important.

  • Producing inclusive UX for users who are proficient in multiple languages requires that you think beyond the localization of the UI and put yourself into the design interaction path of multilingual users and their unique set of requirements.

  • Simplify your design process by separating market requirements from multilingual support, by doing so you are less likely to produce unintentional language related design constrains.

What's Next?

The World Ready Guides plan to engage with the world's leading software producers by publishing product reviews that focus on software globalization, our goal is to raise more awareness within the design community by providing practical real world examples sourced out of today's most popular software products.

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